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Confinement has brought under its arm a growth of online shopping never known. Behind him, new consumer trends are emerging with “home delivery” as the main protagonist.

The market adapts to the new situation against the clock with smart mailboxes that allow the delivery person to deliver 365 days / 24 hours, thus solving the logistical problem of thelast mile”. They are the only ones in the market integrated with the main logistics companies in the country.


COVID-19 has shaken, with the force of the largest tsunami, the world as we have known it until now. It has marked a before and after in our life, in our habits and even in our beliefs.

There are those who have discovered new talents and also those who have made the purchase online for the first time. Specifically, 11.5% of all online shoppers in that period, according to the study on the impact of the pandemic on Spanish eCommerce, promoted by the research consultancy nPeople.

Another study carried out by the consulting firm Nielsen confirms that during confinement online purchases have reached one million households, with a growth of 86%.

If to all this we add the increase in the offer, with the proliferation of new e-commerce that have emerged in recent months, the fear of the outbreaks of the disease and the comfort of the online experience, the result is a change in the consumer trend , which makes many households definitely adopt the online channel as a recurring purchase option.

This new situation creates new opportunities for many sectors, such as logistics, overwhelmed by the increase in deliveries it has to face. Also new challenges, such as the need to find a solution to the problem of the last mile: the final order delivery process that an online store has.

What happens when the buyer is not at home to receive the online purchase?

Smartinteligentesde paquetería solucionan este problema, ya que permiten la entrega 365 días/24 horas.

Pensados para instalarse encomunidades de vecinos, oficinas o en comercios, están integrados con las principales logísticas que operan en España, como Seur, GLS o Nacex.

They also have the latestcontactless technologywhich makes it possible for the delivery process to be carried out entirely without any physical contact, whether or not the recipient of the package is at home. A great competitive advantage, in line with current demand, significantly conditioned by the pandemic.

The system works through a management platform that facilitates the administrator’s task, since from it he can resolve possible incidents and manage one or more groups of smart mailboxes located in different locations.

Some businesses have already discovered its benefits and have installed smart mailboxes in their facilities. In this way, they can deliver their orders when the physical store is closed, which is an extension of the business.


Groups with smaller dimensions.

The entire module has the following measurements:(Height x Width x Depth): 615 x 1079 x 370 mm.


Larger groups, designed for large neighborhood communities, office blocks, etc.

The entire module has the following measurements:(Height x Width x Depth): 922 x 1079 x 370 mm


Groupings of variable dimensions.

They combine smart mailbox modules with conventional mailbox groups.


Safe boxes

LCD TVs and Minibars

Room and bathroom accessories

Security locks


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