Hotel services

Solsegur was created jointly with the Sol Melià hotel company in 1986 in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, at a time of the boom in the tourism industry and the growth of the main hotel companies.


Our core business has been evolving.

We started by installing and managing the hotel room safe rental business in the main tourist areas of Spain (Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Benidorm, Costa del Sol), while providing a technical service for them.

For a few years we have been offering all kinds of products and services for any hotel anywhere in the world thanks to the opening of offices and our staff team.

We also continue to jointly manage the rental of safes with different hotel companies.


A few years ago the company undertook a restructuring of its business lines, currently offering a wide variety of services and products for hotels, integrating our four brands: Solsegur Ekipa, Efizia, Design & Clean and Hotel Management.


In 2012 we opened a commercial office and branch, Solsegur América, in Panama, a country that is experiencing a boom in the tourism industry, from where we work for the entire Latin American and Caribbean area.

We have just installed the minibars, safes and bathroom accessories in the Hard Rock Megapolis hotel (1500 rooms) in Panama City, a hotel that is among the 10 largest in the world.

We also installed in the Sheraton Aloft Hotel, safes (sg-luxe model) minibars and bathroom accessories.

In 2019, the new sg-atlantic safes were installed in the Royal Decamerón hotel, Farallón, Panama and an agreement was reached with a commercial distributor in Colombia and Peru, underpinning the company’s international strategic plan for all of Latin America.