Covid 19 action protocol

Together with the company MPE, a management company for the prevention of occupational risks, we have developed a protocol for action against Covid-19 internally in our company and for the…

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Collaboration with Perfect Clean

We have reached a collaboration agreement with the Perfect Clean company, specialized in cleaning and disinfection of all types of material and premises, applying the most advanced techniques that clients…

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PANAMA Office-10 years

Our office in Panama is 10 years old, and we are very proud of the work done throughout this time offering products and services to clients who have opted for…

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Btv technical service

We carry the official technical service in Mallorca for safes and minibars from the BTV company, a national leader in the safes and hardware sector. OFFICIAL SERVICE

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covid19 products

We offer all our clients, apart from our traditional products and services, others that help to improve their daily activity such as MASKS, SCREENS, GELS and STERILIZERS.

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